Our Approach

Our ApproachShawn Ewbank Design Collaborative is a boutique design firm based in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Region of the United States, serving clients from the East Coast to Texas. Our practice is guided by the idea that Architecture and Art represent a kind of language that goes beyond aesthetics and can both reflect and guide patterns of response (physically and metaphysically), in individuals and societies alike. We undertake the art of architectural design and planning, from concept to implementation, towards refining this language in service of those who may come to interact with the spaces we design.

Our intention is to sustainably create habitable artworks for the human spirit that uplift the dignity and creative power of the individual while bringing to the surface a sense of connectedness with the larger phenomenon of space and environment in a way that affirms the desire to conceive a more beautiful way of being.

We begin our work by learning and fully absorbing the needs, desires and aspirations (even those that may be inexpressible) of our clients. This cultivated awareness subtly affects the more linear, structured act of composing a three dimensional, physical form. The process is intended to be fluid and undefined within certain broad parameters, allowing seemingly separate ideas and positions to engage, mold one another and work themselves into a singular organizing principle with the capacity to guide a given project.

Our approach is key in supporting our mission to provide architecture that offers a reflection of the inherent beauty of those who would dwell within.